Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Animals

Here are some pics of our little herd and horses.

Here is some of the last calves born
The smallest is from the first set of calves born.
We where very excited about this little fella.

Here is most of our cattle we have 21 cows + our bull.
We started off with 12 and lost 4 to bloat very sad :(
We sold 3 steers back HERE
And are awaiting the rest of our calves from our first lot of calves born very exciting.
Funny thing was i didn't want cattle to begin with but its been something that rob has wanted to do for a long time so i went along with it and i tell you what I'm glad i did.

Below are rob pride and joy.
Although he doesn't do much with them these day
but back in the day.
He used to steer wrestling with 2 of these horses
Not the little brown and white one though that's the boys horse lol.
Butsa Richie
who will be coming back in so the boys can ride him.

The first 2 are robs good old faithfuls think they have retierd at this stage lol
Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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