Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marinated feta

One of my favorite cheese is FETA.
My cousin told me about this yummy feta a while ago that was marinated with sun dried tomato's in oil. 
So i had to try it.
I headed down to the shop where it was stocked and bought myself a jar.
ooh my
I fell in love it tasted so good only problem was a jar would last me two days and it cost $15 a jar well worth it but a bit costly.
If we were to buy feta in bulk we could marinate it our self.
So that is what we did the SIL and I.
When i went to Sydney i bought 2kg back with me
that was the first attempt.
And it was that good we had to do it again.
At 7.99 a kilo i walked out of the shop with 4 kilos 2 for me and 2 for the SIL.
Now that's a saving.
Where just feta crazy lol.

 I marinaded 8 jars.
First i soaked my feta over night in a solution of half milk and half water just to draw some of the salt out i then drained it and dried the feta with paper towel
THEN the fun began
1st one is chili, 2nd i made a pesto up and added it in, the next 2 are basil, the 5th one is olive and garlic, 6th is thyme and garlic and the last one is sun dried tomatoes.
I used vegetable oil in these as the last time i used olive oil it congealed in the fridge.
So time to marinate for a week and a bit and the should be done but the longer there left there the better they taste.
YUMMO cant wait.

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