Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

So where back from our holiday away and now can blog about the past few weeks.
So first off is Christmas day.

It started off a little like this
and this

I think we might of had a visitor YAY
Santa has been  
now was time to start unwrapping all the presents
 The boys also found these outside from Santa

Bailey now has his own motorbike for out bush
And this is for the three of them but Jordan is going to do all the driving.

So there is present time out of the way now for lunch.
This year i was ment to tone it down a little and not cook so much but of course that didn't work we end up with that much yummy food.
so here's a peak on some of the food we ate on Christmas day.
Oyster's Mornay and Kilpatrick

Honey glazed ham and roast lamb

 Prawns roast potato pumpkin and honey glazed carrots
And we lunched on with some of these people,

What a fantastic day it was.

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  1. ohhhh my that ham was the most awesome thing about xmas...that and those cuties up there :) great post :)