Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We visited my grandparents
while we where away and my gran loves growing her own produce

Well what caught my eye was this her rather large tomato plant it was nearly over the roof and full of tomato's there not ready yet but they will be when i go back for a visit in the next week or 2 yum.

This is what i found all over this bush big bunch of tomato's
My grandfather gave me a few tips to get my tomato's to grow like this well next time i will be trying it out.
My gran has be growing her produce for years and she showed me jars of her own seed from last years produce all all types of stuff she has grown.
 I have never took notice of her garden before lol now that I'm growing my own stuff it was hard not to notice to bad my phone went flat i would of taken some more pics to share.

So i was a bit disappoint cause my plant is not even as half as big and with no tomato's well i thought i had none but then when i got home i found these.
There are 4 little tomato's growing yay i gave them a bit of a dust Yesterday so those naughty caterpillars wont eat them...

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  1. YUM!!!! More tasty treats for meeeee!! happy growing!