Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pork on The Spit

A few weeks back i posted about our Christmas party at home we where goinng to have.
 Well this is one of the thing i was really excited about because we where having a Pork on The Spit and seeing some of my  family and friends aswell of course lol.
You see ever since i can remember my farther (now passed away) did catering mainly for people we new on his time off from being a police officer just because he loved to cook a Spit
So after all these years of watching my dad do this i decided this was gonna be the year we would give it a go
I used my dads 20 yr + spit.

 The pig all wired up and cooking

 Marinade i put on every 30 min

I stuffed the pig belly full of lemon thyme garlic and onions and sowed it up and slow cooked it on the spit for 6 hrs i made up a dressing of thyme and oil and used a lemon branch to brush the pig with during the cooking process and adding heaps of salt.
And i tell you what i reckon dad would of been proud of us cause it was so yummy

Oh and one of my GUESTs made these and the kids loved them..
I was so worked up over my pig i forgot to take a photo of all the other goodies i did oopps.

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  1. OH!!! that pork was soooo tasty well done looks like you have been passed the spit roasting gene :)
    WOW those cupcakes look awesome !!