Monday, November 29, 2010

First Attempt

Tomato and Capsicum relish.

I thought i would try and make my very first relish and i tell you what i am going to keep making relish lol.
I'm not a relish person but my partner and father in law love it and my SIL's do too.
For fathers day i went to our local store called  Country Simplicity and made up some hampers with some relishes and other preserves for them and the big hit was the tomato and capsicum relish so that's when i got my idea of making it myself.
So finally i did.

I got the recipe from HERE but added a teaspoon of chili flake and used
red wine vinegar instead of the white wine vinegar as i heard it gives it a bit more flavor.
Think these might have to go in a Christmas hamper
even got them to seal right thanks to a little tip from my SIL.


  1. OH!!! AWESOME!! They look so tasty... but xmas...bah humbug.... we cant wait that long :)

  2. These look amazing. You are very clever. I am going to try to make some homemade jam/relish next year when time is more mine (and Parkers)! Blog looks great!